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Management Consultancy

Creating growth for ambitious companies in fast moving markets.
  • We help you solve complex problems
  • We cocreate solutions making your business more valuable
  • We help you identify your competitive advantage
  • Together we deliver results
  • We ensure you get the right controls in place
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We help you solve complex problems

In the complex system of supply and demand there are three things we know for sure; we go through hardship, that there is uncertainty and that we have to keep up the work in order to  survive. Whether its helping to stay ahead of competition or to ensure your business delivers to stake holders, our expertise brings clarity to the complex world of management problems.

Our knowledge and experience supports clients solve these problems and continue to thrive. 

We cocreate solutions making your business more valuable

You already know your business’ value, you might think - but our experience tells us you don’t. Not because you haven’t got the skills, but because we look at your company from a different management angle – that of intellectual property. We do not claim to solve all questions regarding your operation strategy, however we do find your competitive advantage and can put a value on your strategic capabilities within the processes that matter most for your business. 

We help you identify your competitive advantage

Staying ahead of competition, dealing with uncertainty and quickly being able to adapt to market changes are of vital importance in business. By looking at the demand of your market and your capabilities to meet the market from an IP-perspective in combination with comparing your offer and your capabilities with your industry benchmark, we can help you identify what really matters when you have to make those challenging decisions. 

Together we deliver results

I already know my business’ competitive advantage – why is this different? 

It is simple. We work together with you and your team in a structured process that starts with an analysis of your business’ current status and for what purpose we are conducting the joint work. This includes investigating and looking at your value proposition from a 360 perspective: data, your products, platform, system, data, client, segments, organization, processes, value chain, ecosystem, brands, that exist in your business’ core- and supporting processes. Specifically, we are looking to identify your business’ capabilities within each process creating your value proposition. 

A capability is defined as something you do within your business to create what you have decided to do, solve or provide. Your capabilities are built with things you do. Some of these things or what you do render your capabilities strategic. These strategic capabilities are what we want to help you control and protect, especially  in relation to the competition. We determine when, and how much, these capabilities contribute to making your business’ different and more effective than the capabilities of your competitors. Using the basis of your business’ core- and supporting processes is a way for us to open the conversation around what really sets you apart from your competition in a way that matters in terms of value. It is a framework way of mapping everything and anything of value within your business. 

Next, we will look at what your offer is in combination with the market as a whole and this will be another determinator in terms of the value of your business. 

Once we have identified your business’ capabilities, defined them as assets, evaluated the assets in line with market drivers we can put this complex data together and where appropriate, put a monetary value to each asset enabling you to prioritise and put the right controls in place. 

We ensure you get the right controls in place

Our heritage is legal controls, you are familiar with patents, trademarks and contracts. Such controls are good and often necessary to secure the value of your business. With the development of a digital and tech focused world the need for legal controls has also evolved and become more advanced, more tailored and smarter. Creating necessary controls and protecting the right assets is both common sense and will reduce costs. Before any recommendation of legal controls we always make sure your business’ capabilities and competitive advantage is defined, clear and in line with your business strategy.

When your next management challenge arises you can make sound and well informed decisions regardless of what process the problem may originate from.



Our Team

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Erik Oskarsson

Sweden Country Manager & Principal, Rouse Consultancy

Stockholm - Rouse

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Tim Smith

Principal, Head of Rouse Consultancy


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Jing Wang-Winter

Director of Innovation


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