Questions brands should be asking about trade mark protection in the metaverse

What are the opportunities for brands in the metaverse? Do brands need new metaverse-focussed trade mark applications?


Rouse and Lusheng launch new Digital service

New service will help multinationals succeed in the metaverse and digital engagement


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Removal of a useful tool for evidence gathering

3 minute read

Love Fält, Douglas Clark


28 Jun 2022

What are the IP aspects of financial tools created using blockchain technology?

15 minute read

Nick Redfearn


27 Jun 2022

Find your assets

Increase the profitability and boost growth.

Adjust your organisation

Structure your company to make the most out of the IP.

Defend your IP

Sometimes you need to protect your most valuable assets – or yourself.

Protect the right things

Keep the assets that drive profitability and growth.

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Rouse Sweden will three series of webinars during the spring of 2022! For more info & signup - click the links below

1 minute read


16 Feb 2022

Careers at Rouse Sweden

Careers at Rouse Sweden

There are jobs and then there are careers. For a career with a global IP firm that’s a bit different, then look no further than Rouse Sweden.

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